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March 13, 1970, Roosevelt High School (after La Raza Photographers)

Roberta Martínez was a student at Garfield High School in 1968 when Chicano students organized walkouts to demonstrate against high dropout rates, unequal treatment and substandard conditions in the East LA schools.

“I knew the walkouts were going to take place. It was a little bit like when people are getting ready to go to a game. Big adrenaline rush, big gestures. There were some people who were really serious, and some people who had the giggles about this.

I can understand, looking back on this, that sometimes when you’re nervous about something, you get giggly. Sometimes when you realize the magnitude of what you’re doing, if this was something that was really meaningful to you, you rejoice a little bit about whatever was taking place."

-Roberta H. Martínez, Historian and Author, Garfield High School Winter Class of 1970

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