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S.O.U.L., 1970 John Muir High School

According to the 1970 Muir yearbook, the Student Organization for Unity and Liberty formed to promote more opportunities in and out of school for minority students. Other newly formed cultural groups at Muir raised money to buy lunch for African American school children and “to create an atmosphere of understanding and harmony among all races in the school and community.”

“We [Florence and her husband, the activist Michael Zinzun] started the first breakfast program here in Pasadena, in my house down the street. People found out by word of mouth. We told them that we were going to feed these kids so they can learn. When you’re hungry, the only thing you think about is food. When you’ve got a full stomach, you can listen. We started the free breakfast program way before they were doing it in the schools. Michael loved working with teenagers, because he felt that teenagers would learn and grow up to be men.”

-Florence Zinzun, Activist, Pasadena community organizer, nurse

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